About Us

1990  Onda Corporation was originally founded as Intec Research, an R&D firm focused on developing ultrasonic technologies for clients. Much of the creativity drew on the company’s experience in medical ultrasound.

2002  Intec acquired Specialty Engineering Associates (SEA), an innovator of ultrasonic devices and measurement instruments. The company was renamed Onda, which means “wave” in Latin.

2003  Onda established a partnership with NTR Systems. A family of ultrasonic measurement instruments was added to broaden the product portfolio. Onda began to reach its vision of becoming a one-stop shop for ultrasound measurements.

2005  Onda vertically integrated a core capability by building a best-in-class calibration laboratory to offer in-house acoustic calibrations of hydrophones and other instruments.

2010  Onda introduces the first HCT hydrophone to help tackle an overdue challenge of acoustically characterizing ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

2014  Onda and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) partners to introduce the CaviMeterTM, the first commercially available instrument that quantifies the level of cavitation and direct field pressure.

2015  Onda introduces an award-winning next generation cavitation meter, the MCT-2000. It is based on the same principles as the CaviMeterTM, only it features a touchscreen meter which detects acoustic emissions with a calibrated hydrophone to quantify the absolute pressure from the direct field, stable cavitation, and transient cavitation.

2016  Onda introduces a portable digital pressure meter, the MCT-1200, for process monitoring.  It complements the MCT-2000 by featuring an option to self-calibrate with a reference meter.

2019  The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) releases IEC 63001:2019, a measurement standard titled: Measurement of Cavitation Noise in Ultrasonic Baths and Ultrasonic Reactors.  The MCT-2000 uniquely conforms with the standard.

Ondasonics.com is a website dedicated to measurement solutions for ultrasonic cleaning and sonoprocessing applications.

For more information about Onda Corporation, please visit: ondacorp.com