Continuous Inline Monitoring

CMS-0300 with MCT-1200

Effortlessly Monitor Your Ultrasonic Cleaner’s Performance with Our Externally Mounted Cavitation Monitoring Sensor (CMS)

Our cutting-edge externally mounted cavitation monitoring sensor (CMS) enables seamless and continuous monitoring of cavitation within your ultrasonic tank. No need for complicated fixtures or disruption to the acoustic field. Keep your ultrasonic cleaner at its peak performance!

View the CMS-0300 Sensor Pressure Meter Datasheet

  • Continuous Acoustic Stability Monitoring: Our externally mounted assembly ensures uninterrupted monitoring of acoustic stability, providing real-time insights.
  • Acoustic Field Preservation: Say goodbye to disruptions, cumbersome fixtures, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Our system maintains the acoustic field integrity.
  • Precise Measurements with Self-Referencing Hydrophone: Achieve accuracy with our self-referencing hydrophone, externally calibrated for absolute measurements.
  • Easy Installation with ‘Quick Stick’ Transducer: Installation is a breeze with our self-adhesive housing, allowing for a hassle-free “quick stick” transducer setup.
  • Compatibility with Single Wall Tank Configurations: Our system is acoustically ready for use in single-wall tank configurations, offering versatility.
  • Real-Time Data Logging: Stay informed with digital logging capabilities that detect and record real-time excursions in your system.
Frequency Range20 to 300 kHz
Maximum Operating Temperature70 °C
Housing DimensionsOuter Diameter: 65 mm
Height: 27 mm
CableMemory embedded connector to store
calibration data, 1.5 meter length

Frequently Asked Questions

The CMS-0300 and MCT-1200 is an ideal inline solution to continuously monitor the cavitation performance inside ultrasonic cleaning systems. Two key acoustic parameters, frequency and total pressure, are monitored to control precision cleaning processes used in the industrial, medical, semiconductor sectors.

Yes. The MCT-1200 includes a self-calibration feature to match with a reference measurement.  If CMS-0300 measurements can match with a reference makes absolute pressure measurements such as the HCT-0320 with MCT-2000, then traceability can be preserved.

The CMS-0300 sensor is designed to externally mount to the sidewall of an ultrasonic tank, which has the advantage of limiting any direct exposure to harsh chemistries.  Furthermore, the use of very high bond (VHB) tape and primer offers a simple installation method with an adhesion strength comparable to marine grade epoxies.  At room temperature, 50% of the ultimate bond strength is achieved after 20 min, and 100% after 72 hours.  Once fully adhered, acoustic measurements have proven to be stable at elevated temperatures up to 70 deg C for extended periods.

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