Inconsistent Tank Monitoring? Upgrade to Continuous, Accurate Cavitation Measurement with the CMS-0300

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    Our externally positioned Cavitation Monitoring Sensor (CMS) offers a solution for unobtrusive, continuous observation of cavitation performance within your ultrasonic tank.

    • Continuous Acoustic Stability Monitoring: Employ an externally mounted assembly for consistent monitoring.
    • Acoustic Field Preservation: Sidestep acoustic field disruption, intricate fixtures, and harsh chemistry exposure.
    • Precision through Self-Referencing: Achieve absolute measurements with a self-referencing, externally calibrated hydrophone.
    • Effortless Transducer Setup: Utilize a hassle-free "quick stick" installation method using a self-adhesive housing.
    • Ready for Single Wall Tanks: Designed for optimal acoustics in single wall tank setups.
    • Real-Time Digital Logging: Detect real-time excursions through comprehensive digital logging.