Learn about the MCT-1200 digital pressure meter and the HCT-0320 hydrophone.

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Comparison Study: Hydrophones and Sonocheck Vials

Watch as Onda’s MCT-1200 Digital Pressure Meter compares to the Sonocheck Vials by Healthmark.

Don’t be Foiled! Monitor your Ultrasonic Cleaning Processes

PQCWebinar, September 9, 2020 – Ultrasonic cleaning is a dynamic process, and there are ways to monitor it that are more responsive and informative than the traditional metal foil test. With Onda technology one can systematically monitor and control each parameter that impacts the ultrasonic cleaning process.

In-Situ Cavitation Measurements with a Wireless Sensor Array

The presentation by Ondasonics focuses on innovative in-situ cavitation measurements using a wireless sensor array, specifically applied to the field of megasonic photomask cleaning.